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14 min readApr 12, 2020


I decided to write it down as it’s very helpful in these days

After sharing Andrea Bodria’s “point of view” on Medium, I started doing the meditation he recommended almost every day and I decided to transcribe the text.

Moojibaba invites us to use this time when many around the world are in self-quarantine for the highest aim: to discover the peace and harmony of our true nature.

“Amongst all the activities that we do, we rarely give enough time to sit quietly by ourselves. I would like to introduce to you not just to sit alone, but to guide you into your inner Being.

What you truly are is not merely what we think we are, not merely what we have been brought up to believe we are. Actually, surprisingly, beautifully, we discover a level of peace and natural well-being-ness, joy, and silence. And right here in the depth of our Self, a great calmness you will discover.

This, that we are going to discover today, you will see that it is always here. That is the most wonderful thing about this.”

23 March 2020, Monte Sahaja, Portugal


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Begin Discovering Your True Self Today
Namaste. Good day to you.
Today, this morning, I would like to introduce you to a very simple guided meditation which can be for everyone, or anyone.
Wherever you are, it is a good time now, because many, many people around the world, most people around the world, are compelled to be at home for some time.
We are calling it a ‘global quarantine’, but I would like to introduce another word, which is a ‘retreat’.

A retreat, for me, means to be with yourself.

Amongst all the things, all the activities that we do, and there are many, especially in our modern world, we rarely give enough time to sit quietly by ourselves. And I would like to introduce to you this wonderful opportunity to not just sit alone in this way, but to guide you into your inner Being.
That means, what you truly are is not merely what we think we are, not merely what we have been brought up to believe we are, but actually, surprisingly, beautifully, we discover a certain layer, or level of peace and natural well-being-ness, a joy and a silence.

And right here, in the depth of our Self, you will discover a great calmness.
And I want you to know that, this, that we are going to find today, you will see that it is always here.
And the most wonderful thing about this is that you are about to discover that which has always been here.
It has never left you!
Everything else which has come to us in the form of thought, or feelings, or some event, memory, or our projections, they come and go, and naturally so.

I feel it is very important, and you too will come to see, that as you look and be with yourself in the way that you are going to be guided today, you are going to discover something very wonderful.

A very wonderful way of being, of being with each other also, but being by yourself.

And many people are not used to being by themselves, comfortably, peacefully and happily.
Of course, there are many who are able to be with themselves in the most joyful way, and look forward each day to be able to sit with yourself, by your self.
That for some people forms the height of their day, where they clarify their mind and being, and bring all that may come in a day, the noise of all these things that we must remember and do, to bring that back into a quiet clarity and serenity.
So, thank you.


I am going to ask you …
For this short exercise, this short guided meditation, we are going to come to a place of deep silence and emptiness.

So we are not going to be building up knowledge, or creating beautiful feelings, beautiful images, or anything of this sort.
I want you to make a wonderful discovery today of what is in the very heart of your self, of your being. And it is very simple. So here we go.
First, I will ask that, in order to come inside into your total aloneness, total aloneness … And this will be a challenge for many people, because, perhaps, the idea of being totally alone may bring up some discomfort.
But you are going to find that that is not really true. The more deeply we allow our being and mind, to simply fall inside our own being, look what you are going to discover today.

So for this I would encourage you now, right now, to suspend, or leave aside, all your self-descriptions, and all your roles, for a moment.
Each person may have several roles.
You may be a doctor, or a teacher, you may have the role of a husband or a wife, as a mother, as a friend.
All that you are associated with as a role, for the moment, let’s just leave that aside, just for the short duration of this exercise.
And you are going to see, in fact, after, when you come back, and you bring all your roles back into play, they will have a beautiful resonance about them.
And you will be able to see that no harm has been done.
Rather, you will have elevated to a much more pure state in which you may function with your roles, but with greater harmony and greater peace.
So please co-operate. Leave everything aside.
Whatever role play, whatever self-descriptions you may have about yourself, all your ideas about life also, just for this short time, it’s as though you are putting them in a cupboard, or leaving them outside the door, for now.
And please do it. It is wonderful, do not miss this opportunity!

Leave everything aside for now, so that you become very empty.

Imagine if you saw your body as a container of thoughts, and history, and information, and ideas, and projections, and attachments, and knowledge, and everything.
And now for a short period, just for a few moments you’re asked to just empty everything out.
Empty everything out, all the thoughts, all the feelings, all of that, just leave them aside for the moment.
And as you are doing this, look what is happening, actually.
You are feeling more light, more spacious.
Just go along with this.
Empty. Empty.
Some fear might come in the mind. We expect that.
When you are trying anything new some fear may come, but it is nothing at all.
You are not losing everything, it is not being thrown away,
you are just clarifying yourself. Just in the same way, sometimes, each time you go to sleep in the night, you go to bed, your mind is completely absorbed into sleep. And you are totally empty, and in this way you can relax, replenish, your health becomes lifted up, your system is regulated.
It is a wonderful necessary function in life.
So in the same way, I am going to ask you to do this consciously.
Just leave everything as though you are asleep, but you’re awake, conscious.
So leave everything out. Leave everything aside.

Now that you are experiencing this, you will notice that there is a lightness of being.

Perhaps it is not what you expected, but just allow that to be.
How much more empty can you become?
Any thought, any favourite ideas, simply just allow them to be swept aside.
We don’t have to be too meticulous about that.
Just your attitude already is a great progress; you are leaving everything aside.


Now, look at this, that in this great space of emptiness, you are fully here, aren’t you? If every thought, or feeling, memory, or projection, anything that has been stored in the mind, and all the habits, were to be removed, you would find that your Self, your real Being cannot be removed.
And isn’t this a wonderful discovery?
You are here. You are here.
But you are not a story, or a history.
You can perceive and remember history, ideas, feelings, memory, desires, all these things, they come and go in the space of your awareness, very naturally.
There is an unending traffic, it seems, for many of us, of sensations coming and going, coming and going. But now, be aware of that which is not coming and going.

And this is the place from which what is coming and going is observed.
It is as though all of life is like a sky with clouds just floating by.
It is fine. You are like the sky itself, still, serene, unchanging, unaffected.
Feel that peace.

You are discovering something.
You are not creating.
Not creating, not imagining, simply being aware of what is natural and effortless in yourself.
Look at that.
It simply Is!
Now, from time to time, you may experience thoughts, memories, some ideas, some jerky movement may arise inside your inner space, but it is OK.

Even if there is a reaction to them, you are aware of that reaction.
So action, reaction, interaction, silence: all of that you are perceiving, but you yourself, you are not the traffic that is moving by.
Now, by being aware of this, feel the natural stillness and peace.
Give some space to become familiar with this.
This peace is here always.
This space is here always!
It is never, of itself, going to turn into some ugly state.
It is always here!
Whatever is changeful, erratic, or dynamic, these are waves that come from the mind as feelings and thoughts, and they are relating to you, or you relate to them, when you feel you are being personal, or you are a person. But right now, you are in a higher place, or you may even say a deeper place, where you are not attached to anything.

There is no need to fight with anything that appears in you. Simply it is noticed. But don’t be carried away by that. In the past it has been very easy, almost a reflex, to go drifting off with the thought flow.

But now, simply be aware of that.
And stay as you are.
Stay as you are, means simply paying attention to your natural silence and being.
And notice that you are not in a state of waiting.
You are not waiting for something to happen.
You are resting inside your own Being.
You may have heard expressions like, ‘At one with yourself’, or, ‘At peace with yourself’.

Notice also that you can be aware of your body, the senses are still functioning, but you are in a state of real inner silence and quietude, of serenity and deep contentment.
Nothing worries you.

This, I wouldn’t give it any lofty name, we can call it simply ‘That which Is’.
And this very natural state is the unchanging reality inside everyone and every living being!

But we only become aware of it when we are guided, initially, to pay some attention, to pull the attention back, away from its tendency to go out and connect with things, and allow it simply to acknowledge, to discover, and to recognise this inner peace.

Notice also, that there is no categorisation in this peace.
You are simply at one with your Being.
And it cannot be limited by such categorisations as male, or female, or any religious differences, such as Catholic, or Hindu, or Muslim, or Buddhist; none of these things matter here. This is a very pure, pure state of being!
There is no propaganda about it.
It is beyond conditioning.
And you are always here!

This cannot exist without you, because you are experiencing and perceiving this.
It is not different from you, or apart from what you are.
And notice also, how it’s wonderfully harmonious and silent.
Some of you may find that the words themselves are not landing anywhere.
It is as though they are melting in this infinite spaciousness.
I want to remind you also, that you are far beyond any stage of sickness or imbalance, because here, you are in your perfect natural state.
It is not a belief.
It is directly experienced, and immediately and effortlessly known.

You are not in a stage of becoming, but rather pure being.
Also, you are quite aware that you are here.
You are not in a state of hypnosis.
Here, there is nothing you need to be, or become.
You simply are!
Marinate in this seeing.

And it is quite natural that you are experiencing a state of lightness of being, a deep state of peace.
Natural joyfulness may happen also, and you know, intuitively, that you are well.

This, that you are aware of, is who you are, beyond even time.
People all over the world who are members of one religion or another, or some practice for Self-discovery, they are also seeking this natural state that you are experiencing.
Many of them know it, and they refer to, or relate to that, as their God-nature.
When we speak of Truth, or real life, or God, or pure consciousness, when we are searching for Truth, for God, in an authentic and an earnest way, our success in searching brings us here.

And no joy in the outer world, no joy that comes through the senses and the mind, can compare with This.

Actually, there is not you and This.
You are This, in the highest sense!
In life, in daily life, it is as though each one has developed a persona, like a kind of identity. I call it a sort of a mask, a living mask.
That also comes from this in which we function primarily through our roles in life, and that is fine, because God made it like this.
We have families, friends, jobs and duties.
We have the sense of responsibility, and loyalty.
We love our country, we love our people.
We identify, and so on.
That may continue.
And in fact, now that you have discovered, or are discovering your deeper nature, you will see that all that happens in your daily life, your dynamic life, will feel as though everything in your life is sitting inside a field of grace.
You will not feel as fearful as you used to feel.
You will not be worried.
A new confidence is emerging inside your being.
That helps you to meet life with more openness and trust.
It’s not naivety, but a developing, emerging wisdom is arising in you.

So, I would encourage you to sit with this whenever you can.
Each day give ten minutes to sit in this way.
Or you may play this meditation again and follow along.

Each time you listen, you will find that you are more able to confirm.
The mind energy, that psychological restlessness that often comes inside the mind, will gradually dissipate, the more you stay with this.
And I want to tell you something wonderful.
By coming to this recognition and direct experience, you will find, particularly those of you who feel drawn to continue to be awake in this silence, to bring your mind into this silence, you will find that every aspect of your expression in daily life will be blessed, automatically.

But be patient.
Be kind with yourself and with others.
And let it blossom, let the flower of consciousness open in its natural way.
Don’t rush.

If you have been following so far, you are already reaping the fruits of your stillness.
So this is a tree that bears fruit immediately.
Meaning, the fruit of peace, happiness and joy.
This silence and stillness, do not mistake this for some kind of apathy or laziness!
Quite the contrary.
It saves you from wasting energy in useless pursuits.
It harmonises the mind and makes you more confident, more presence.

Presence means that whoever meets you will automatically feel the vibration of your silence, your peace and your strength, not a weakness.
Many of you will feel not only a lightness in you, but a joy arising very naturally.

But it is not about something, it is not joy that comes from any event.
This is the joy of your Self.

This is your natural happiness.
And it will continue expanding into the bliss of being.
I have to tell you something.
Rare is it that human beings turn their attention inward in this way and discover what you are discovering right now.
And this is simply due to bad habits, and also not being aware that this was possible before.
I want to reassure you that, all that you need to do, you will find it happens much more graciously, more smoothly, more harmoniously, as you pay attention and honour your own Self-discovering.

This peace, this joy is pervading and permeating all your being, if you allow it. The more you love it and recognise it, the more you will find that your life is permeated with this joy.
And it is contagious, in the most beautiful way.

A beautiful way.
But initially, sometimes some rebelliousness will come from the mind, from our bad habits.
Doubts will come. Fear will come.
I often say to my students, when they first come and they begin to feel the infiniteness, the joy and the deep peace, and they feel very happy, I say to them, Don’t just joyride.
Be quiet.
Be one with this.
Know that this is beyond belief. This is direct experience.
But because this is taking place in you, a storm is coming.
And this storm is the storm of ego!

The storm of ego is going to come to crush what you have discovered, to bring fear in you, to make you feel that you are making a mistake, to bring in states of confusion.

And some of you may give in to that and run away, and feel, ‘No, I must not do this anymore!’
But I want to encourage you. This exercise, this ‘meditation’, you may call it, comes from the very core of your Self. It comes from the God-place in you. And this tendency to run comes from the negativity, the toxicity that we have picked up in life.
That is going to come up as though it wants to ruin your Garden of Eden inside your heart.

I am telling you ahead of time that all beings who awakened to their true nature experienced these types of resistance, this type of aggression from the mind.
And they were shocked by that! But they recovered and they recognised, ‘Yes, we were told that this would come, because in life there will always be this play of contrast’.
So, my dear ones, I encourage you, and I encourage you that God’s grace is with you.

You are setting out on a journey of Self-discovery.
This is the most important journey you will make.
And you don’t have to take an aeroplane.

You don’t have to take a train, or a car, or a bicycle, or roller skates. You don’t have to walk to be here!
Because wherever you go, wherever you are, this remains your perfect, still, unchanging nature.

I bless you that you will be totally successful at sitting with This, sitting with your Self.
It is a great thing to be able to sit with your own company.
Thereafter, when you have to sit with others, you will be a light unto them also.
Be at peace. A human being is only fully alive when they discover the peace, when they are at peace with themselves, when they are happy inside their heart, when they are considerate of others, and respectful of others.
Be at peace with yourself and with God. Because each and every one of you is important in the eyes of God. You are beautiful and perfect inside your true heart. One day, if not today, you will discover this so powerfully, that sorrows will be no more for you.
Or at least, if they come, they will be a passing phenomenon, momentary.
Thank you. God bless you.

For those of you who have enjoyed and have come inside, to this wonderful centre of being, continue, as much as you like, to sit. Just sit in the radiance of your own innermost Being. And notice, there is really no fear here. There was never any real fear in the core of your Being.
Your true Self and nature is without fear.
Be kind towards everyone, without forcing this.
Notice that your heart is naturally kind, peaceful and happy.
Whoever you are, wherever you may be, God bless you.
Bless you. Bless you.

Thank you for your attention, for your presence and being.

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